Backtrax Pro RTT with new Redwing Changeroom Awning


The Backtrax Team are extremely excited to announce they have finished testing, are quietly pleased and outwardly proud to announce the formal release of the Redwing ChangeRoom Awning.

A genuine 12 in 1 variations to the set up, the new ChangeRoom is out to impress. With the same zip attachment as the Redwing Awning and the use of the same toggle buttons, this new product is retro-fittable to all the Backtrax RTT’s already out there.

With an impressive 3.6m straight out awning at just under 2m wide, you have some very convenient shade for your camping getaway. The main awning has x2 walls that attach each side enabling you to close off the area for privacy or out of the weather.

Once again this awning will fold away still attached to the RTT and sit conveniently on the bed.

They are available from your local dealer and at an affordable price you will not be disappointed

The Change RoomAwning can be viewed on our Youtube Channel here –

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