How does the opening and closing mechanism work on the roof tent?

The opening and closing mechanism on the Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent is designed with a lead screw “soft glide” lift mechanism. Four aluminium arms raise the roof vertically by running along a lead screw on either side of the lower shell in perfect unison.

In the electric version (Pro models) this is driven by a 12V geared electric motor. A remote control activates the opening and closing mechanism similar to a garage door.


What happens if the battery remote control dies?

If the battery remote control dies, we have a manual switch located on the left side of the Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent that allows the user to toggle up and toggle down the upper shell.


What happens if the battery dies?

If the battery in the roof tent dies we have a manual crank that allows the user to manually lift the upper shell by cranking the lifting mechanism up or down. This takes all of 30 seconds!


What happens if the worm drive mechanism fails?

In the unlikely event there is a mechanical failure, we have designed the Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent, to unbolt (4) allen key bolts at the front of upper shell and you will get access to the entire interior to investigate further.


What are the specs of each model?

These can be downloaded from our website by completing the contact form. At present, we will release the double bed Ascent model into the Australian market with a Queen size Summit and new shape Horizon model (due for release early-mid 2018).


What are the warranty terms?

Our warranty terms are set out in detail here (click to brochure). Generally speaking, we cover the fibreglass shell, tent textile and lift mechanism for (3) years against manufacturer’s defect in material and workmanship and (12) months for the lithium battery and LED Lights, (6) months for the blue tooth speaker.


What sort of roof rack do I need for my Backtrax?

The Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent ideally brackets down to (2) east to west running roof rack bars on any vehicle. We highly recommend the Vortex range of racks or the heavy duty range from Rhino Rack. However, you are able to fit these roof tents to vehicle canopies, expedition or tradie roof racks as long as the width and length fittings are capable of carrying the weight of the Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent.


What size roof rack and spacing do I need?

Any roof rack that has a carrying weight of 65 kgs or more of static weight. The fitting dimensions for the roof tent are as follows-:

  • Length of alloy channel below the roof tent : 1500mm
  • Width between each channel – centre to centre : 625mm
  • Length of base at each side – 1950mm
  • Length of base at middle – 2100mm



What kind of vehicle do I need to carry a Backtrax?

We do not discriminate! You can own and carry a Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent on any vehicle as long as the roof racks and the vehicle are legally capable of carrying the load. Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure. Bring on Mini’s to large F350 Utes!


Is the Backtrax weatherproof and dustproof?

YES, YES, YES and YES again! Backtrax has been designed in Australia for Australian conditions. Only the finest materials have been used to ensure many years of pleasurable use and investment protection. Many, many hours have gone into the R&D of the product and the team prides themselves on the roof tent being water and dust proof.


How does the Backtrax affect my vehicle’s GVM?

The weight of the Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent and all its contents (bedding, pillows, etc.) gets added together and included in your allowable payload of the vehicle. The GVM varies for every vehicle and should be calculated to ensure safety. Contact us if you have any questions.


What maintenance does the roof tent require?

The Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent requires very little maintenance. Good practice is to periodically wipe down your outer skin textile with warm soapy water. Open the tent at least once every (6) months to let your mattress breath. A good turtle wax applied to the exterior gel-coat will ensure a long lasting sheen that will be almost maintenance free.


Can I store my sheets and blankets inside the roof tent when I pack up?

Most definitely. You can store all your blankets, sheets, pillows and some clothes in the Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent whilst travelling.


How do I care for the canvas tent?

‘The “canvas” of your Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTent is made from 1000 Denier Air Textured PU (polyurethane) coated Nylon by Speedline textiles in Australia.

General cleaning and maintenance is required. For more details go to (product manual)


Where can I buy a Backtrax roof tent?

Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTents are now available in Australia and are gaining a lot of attention in the Camping and 4WD arena. We have now established a solid nationwide dealer network allowing you to view and purchase one of these awesome tents in your state. They generally do a pre-delivery and fitting service for you. The hints and tips the agents pass on are worth their weight in gold! To find a dealer near you, click here.